The fear a 12 year old Mexican can raise

The scary thing is antivaxxers are attacking a child posting his personal information. These antivaxxers need to psychiatric treatment.


I think I’ve told you this before once or twice, but let me just repeat the story again. When I was a kid, I was always interested in all things having to do with science and technology. Dad was a car mechanic, his two brothers fixed televisions and radios. They learned their respective trades through books and manuals that my grandfather bought for them on his trips to the US. So I learned from them how to look at complex systems, see what’s broken, and go on a course of action to fix it.

Later, when I expressed interest in science some more, mom bought me a microscope. I must have been in 4th grade then. I went to public school in Mexico from first to fifth grade. Starting in sixth grade, we moved to the States. Anyway, I had that microscope and would put things under the lens only…

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