Stories from the Anti-Vax Files: The Fall of the wall makes a lonely re-entry

Riddle Me This

Earlier this week, AVWoS (Anti Vax Wall of Shame) a prominent pro-vax facebook page, had a revamp.

In my last post, I talked about how the anti-vax cult’s constant abuse of the facebook algorithms has resulted in much inconvenience for members of pro-vax and pro-science pages.
I wasn’t the only one to get caught up in the waves of harassment – in fact, it got so tiresome that the admins decided to thumb their noses at the instigators (thought to be led by the infamous Heather Murray, a.k.a Das Frau, a.k.a Frau Heather, a.k.a Heather Ann Murray, a.k.a…. well, you get the picture).
The original page was changed to closed, and a new group created with updated guidelines strongly encouraging members to protect themselves from harassment and abuse by being careful about using naming in their posts and comments.

Here’s an explanation from one of the Admins:
Allison's intro
And because I…

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