Listen to Autistic People.

The Bullshit Fairy

I saw an article today and there was one particular line that really stood out to me. So I fixed it.

Allies or self appointed allies aren’t supposed to tell other people to listen to other allies. That’s not how this is meant to work.

I am making an example of this recent quote from an article published yesterday, 22nd of September 2016 which you can find here:

The title of the article is what grabbed my attention, because I am very passionate about my own Bewareness Campaign about Autism Moms™ (aka Autism Warrior Parent).

And Shannon does reference autistic people but it is disappointing to see she focuses a lot of attention on non autistic people and calls them experts. Autistic people are continuously being silenced and that is something, in *my* opinion, a good ally avoids doing to do to the group that they are trying to support.

❤ The Bullshit Fairy x

The Bullshit Fairy - Listen to Autistic People


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