I Stand With IKEA


I Stand With IKEA

@IKEAUSA stores are private property they have right 2 request people leave. Vaxxed didn’t request pre-approval, instead they trespassed on private property without permission to film themselves and antivax parents using, demeaning, and abusing, their disabled children. 

Now Vaxxed is crying censorship and discrimination. Bullies Vaxxed and their abusive antivax hounds are acting like 2 year olds who think everything belongs to them. Sorry Vaxxed that’s not how it works. 

This is also a fairly good example of how Vaxxed bullies treat anyone who doesn’t go along with them and doesn’t act that Vaxxed is god. 

Sorry but private property is private property even stores are private property owned privately. Just like you would call the cops if a bunch of strangers rudely walked in your home IKEA has every right to permanently ban Vaxxed and bring charges of trespassing against Vaxxed. 




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