#ActuallyAutistic People React to Autism Speaks “Change” in Mission Statement

Autism Speaks Hurts. Real People Speaking.

Recently, Autism Speaks announced a change in its mission statement.  They have removed the word “cure” while keeping words like “interventions”, “solutions” and talk about research into the causes of autism, which still implies that they have not distanced themselves completely from eugenics and “prevention” of autism.   

Autism Speaks claims to want to increase “understanding and acceptance” after over a decade of working against those very things.  This is not the language or intentions of autism acceptance. While this has been portrayed as a move forward, we at Boycott Autism Speaks are more than skeptical.  

What do #actuallyautistic people think?

14523037_10210310010254227_2390998471940025190_nImage: Screen shot of a Facebook comment from Kassiane Alexandra S. that reads

They haven’t apologized to autistics specifically or generally.

Therefore, they are still flagrant trash.”
14729087_10210310005614111_2532759523725177648_nImage: Screen shot of a Facebook comment by Lei Wiley-Mydske that reads:

“Autism Speaks saying they are done searching for a…

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